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Davide De Focatiis

Dr Davide De Focatiis

University of Nottingham


Davide De Focatiis

Davide De Focatiis obtained his MEng degree at the University of Cambridge and his DPhil (Ph.D.) at the University of Oxford. He was appointed as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham in 2009, and to an Associate Professorship in 2015.  His research is focused on the characterisation and prediction of properties of polymers and composites, and on the development of new test methods. Davide’s team have contributed to the understanding of polymer constitutive modelling and structure-property relationships, degradable nanocomposites, elastomer deformation, and polymer characterisation methods and instrumentation. Over the last 10 years, Davide has been leading Nottingham’s efforts on characterisation of prepreg tack, which have resulted in the development of an ASTM standard in 2021.

Davide is currently working as the PI on the Feasibility Study: ‘Rewinding Tape Laying: can Direct End-of-Life Recovery of Continuous Tapes be a Step-Change in the Sustainability of Thermoplastic Composites’ and is Co-I on the Feasibility Study: ‘Furthering the uptake of Carbon Fibre Recyclates by converting into Robust Intermediary Materials suitable for Automated Manufacturing’.

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