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Hub Training

The Hub is committed to training PhD students, EngD’s and postdoctoral researchers. All students and postdoctoral researchers affiliated with the Hub are encouraged to continue to engage beyond their initial project and are supported by the Hub Staff Development Policy.

The following opportunities are available to help build on their expertise and skills and to further their professional development:

International Exchange Programme

The Hub International student exchange scheme has established partnerships in research programmes across 23 leading institutions in 12 countries. The programme offers the opportunity for students to participate in an exchange to a partnering institution where they will  expand their knowledge and be exposed to the latest technologies championed by leading academic and research institutes whilst undertaking joint research activities for a period of up to 3 months. To find out more information about the International Exchange Programme and how to become involved click here.

Vitae Researcher Development Framework

The Hub offer a training needs analysis tool developed by Vitae, the Researcher Development Framework. (RDF) https://www.vitae.ac.uk/researchers-professional-development/about-the-vitae-researcher-development-framework The framework helps identify self-strengths, areas for development and self-prioritisation. In response, Vitae offer a tailored training package to enable students and researchers to enhance their skill set.

If you would like to register for membership to the framework please contact joanne.eaves1@nottingham.ac.uk

The Researchers Network

The Researchers Network is an effective delivery mechanism for developing skills and providing training. This network administers Hub Early-Career Feasibility Studies (£5k), which give younger Hub members the opportunity to express their independent ideas and experience the peer-review process.

To find out more information about the role of the Researcher Network and how to become involved click here.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion

The Hub has a dedicated Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee which actively promote the Hub’s EDI policy, identifies specific challenges of EDI in the composites sector, and works with other Hub members to take effective actions to address these challenges. To find out more information about the EDI committee and how to become involved click here


Fellowships are an effective first step for researchers looking to establish an independent career. To date, the Hub have funded 3 Platform Fellows and 3 Innovation Fellows across 4 Hub institutions. Click here for more information.

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