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UK Research Landscape

The Hub’s roadmapping activities describes a number of strategic activities which will provide a cornerstone for future Hub activity, including thematic funding calls, opportunities for collaboration and strategic direction. 

The Hub plays a key role in funding fundamental composites manufacturing research in the UK. This is done in line with our five research themes and two grand challenges.  However, in order to ensure that we are funding the most critical and needed research we need to remain up to date with research trends. Our challenge landscape map is written by academics for academics with endorsement from industrial partners and other stakeholders, collating low TRL-challenges which act as a barrier to step-changes in composites manufacturing.  We hope that this will also enthuse researchers, and inspire them to solve some of the most pressing problems in this sector.

2D to 3D Preforming Braiding Discontinuous fibres Over-moulding Filament Winding Multiple-ply/sub-preform assembly Pultrusion ADFP/ATL/AFP 2D Weaving Non-wovens 3D Weaving Liquid resin infusion OoA Prepreg Autoclave prepreg HP-RTM/RTM Injection Moulding TP Stamping Compression Moulding

Hub Research Landscape

A series of synergy workshops have been hosted by the Hub to develop and summarise interactions between Hub projects.

The aims of the workshop were to:

  • Improve researchers understanding of their role within the Hub
  • Strengthen project synergy between existing/previous Hub projects
  • Encourage Project leads and Hub members to identify new opportunities for collaboration

The output from the workshop can be viewed here:


Dr Lee Harper, University of Nottingham, introducing the interactive session at the workshop.
Left to right: Dr Robert Hughes, University of Bristol, Dr Richard Gravelle, University of Nottingham, Dr Nataliia Luhyna, Wrexham Glyndŵr University, participating in the interactive session.
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