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Researcher Network Committee

The Network is steered by the Committee which includes researchers from several Hub universities.

Name Email Address University
Ángela Lendínez Torres (Chair) egxal1@nottingham.ac.ukUniversity of Nottingham
Raul Andres Gomez Quinonesraulandres.gomezquinones@bristol.ac.ukUniversity of Bristol
Yang Chen yc2634@bath.ac.uk University of Bath
Joseph Humphrieseayjwh@exmail.nottingham.ac.ukUniversity of Nottingham
Bj Shahbs2202@bath.ac.ukUniversity of Bath
Patrick Sullivanps15308@bristol.ac.ukUniversity of Bristol
Hao Yuanhao.yuan@warwick.ac.ukUniversity of Warwick
Monali Dahalemonali.dahale@nccuk.comNational Composites Centre

Researcher Network Events

Events are regularly organised for the Researchers Network, which are centred around professional and knowledge exchange activities, but also include a large amount of social engagement.
Some highlights of the Researchers Network events include: a lab workshop at Nottingham with elements of competition between teams; a demonstration of advanced composite manufacturing technologies at University of Bristol.

Left: One of the teams preparing a preform during a resin infusion competition.
Right: Winners of the Resin Infusion challenge.
Finished composite panels being judged by the researchers
Researchers after tours and demos at the University of Bristol labs
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