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Researcher Network Committee

The Network is steered by the Committee which includes researchers from several Hub universities.

Name Email Address University
Mikhail Matveev (Chair) Mikhail.Matveev@nottingham.ac.uk University of Nottingham
Anthony Evans Anthony.Evans@nottingham.ac.uk University of Nottingham
Ángela Lendínez Torres egxal1@nottingham.ac.uk University of Nottingham
Connie Qian Connie.Qian@warwick.ac.uk University of Warwick
Mike Elkington Michael.Elkington@bristol.ac.uk University of Bristol
Shankhachur Roy shankhachur.roy@manchester.ac.uk University of Manchester
Vivek Koncherry vivek.koncherry@manchester.ac.uk University of Manchester

Researcher Network Award

2019 saw the Researcher Network launch a new initiative; a “Hub Researcher Network Award”, aimed at Postdocs and research students to support small research projects. These aim to provide the very first steps towards independence for early-career researchers. The call was well received amongst the Researcher Network community, with a response of 8 applications from 5 different universities.  The projects were reviewed by the researchers themselves and  a panel with significant researcher experience. Proposals were required to focus on improving the Manufacturing of fibre reinforced polymer composites, and funding was available for up to three proposals of up to £5,000 each.

The following projects were successfully awarded funding:

  • Dr Vivek Koncherry (Manchester) “Development of a Portable Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Internet of Things System for Inspection and In-process Evaluation for Composites”
  • Verner Viisainen (Cambridge) “Development of a Loading Rig to Characterise the Wrinkling of Fabrics under Combined Tension and Shear”
  • Dr Zhe Liu (Nottingham) “Forming Behaviour of Multi-ply Advanced Recycled Carbon Fibre Preforms with Highly Aligned Fibre Orientation”

A second call for Hub Researcher Network Awards was launched in August 2021. Applications from students and postdoctoral researchers from the universities which hold Hub membership are eligible to apply for the award. For more information and how to apply for the award click here.

Researcher Network Events

Events are regularly organised for the Researchers Network, which are centred around professional and knowledge exchange activities, but also include a large amount of social engagement.
Some highlights of the Researchers Network events include: a lab workshop at Nottingham with elements of competition between teams; a demonstration of advanced composite manufacturing technologies at University of Bristol.

Left: One of the teams preparing a preform during a resin infusion competition.
Right: Winners of the Resin Infusion challenge.
Finished composite panels being judged by the researchers
Researchers after tours and demos at the University of Bristol labs
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