New manufacturing techniques for optimised fibre architectures

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New manufacturing techniques for optimised fibre architectures

Host Institution: The University of Manchester, The University of Nottingham

Lead Investigator: Andrew Long, Prasad Potluri


  • Establish a computational framework for textile preform optimization not limited by existing manufacturing processes
  • Via a series of case studies, identify classes of materials with improved properties over existing forms
  • Develop new or modified textile preforming technologies to realise these material forms
  • Validate predicted properties and demonstrate performance benefits to materials suppliers and end-users


  • Develop Texgen to automatically generate non-standard textile formats
  • Couple Texgen to a multi-objective genetic algorithm to optimise processing and mechanical properties
  • Produce demonstrator samples using a combination of 3D weaving and robotic fibre placement
  • Develop laboratory prototypes for new production technologies to manufacture optimised fibre architectures

Pathways to Impact

  • Transfer design optimisation methodology to software partner
  • Share knowledge with fabric suppliers and end users to embed the approach within industrial practice
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