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Xun Wu

Dr Xun Wu

University of Bristol


Xun Wu

Dr Xun Wu is a Platform fellow working on Thermoplastic Overmoulding activities at the University of Bristol.  Prior to this appointment, Xun was a core member of Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre at University of Bristol, dedicated to using hybrid concepts to improve the energy absorption capability of composite materials, raising the possibility of producing more efficient structural components for the low carbon future. Xun obtained her PhD degree in advanced composites also at the University of Bristol, focusing on design and manufacture high performance ductile carbon fibre composites. Her research interests lie primarily in the processing of advanced composite materials, the design and prediction of the behaviour of novel hybrid composite systems and characterisation the behaviour under different loading conditions.  Furthermore, Xun enjoys playing an active role in many activities that seek to promote STEM and women in engineering, such as being an invited speaker at the “Soap Box” science festival.

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