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Georgios Xypolias

Dr Georgios Xypolias

University of Nottingham


Georgios Xypolias

Dr Georgios Xypolias is a Research Fellow in composite manufacturing at the University of Nottingham. The main focus of his current project is the development of high performance CFRP composites from recycled carbon fibre. His aim is to contribute to the circularity of composites by creating a recycled product which can compete with virgin FRPs. Georgios has previously successfully completed a PhD at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. His PhD was centred around the environmental ageing of glass fibre/vinyl ester FRPs designed for large infrastructure applications, such as wind turbine blades. During his PhD, he achieved a thorough understanding of the effect of in-service environmental conditions on composite structures life. Moreover, he extensively studied the micromechanical behaviour and the role of the fibre/matrix interface in the performance of GFRP composites, and in turn developed invaluable expertise in micromechanical single fibre testing. He also investigated in-depth the chemistry and cure kinetics of complex vinyl ester resins and produced a correlation between their curing behaviour from an interfacial, microscale to a bulk composite matrix, macroscale. Lastly, he has previously participated in the DACOMAT consortium, funded by the EU-H2020 programme and has authored/co-authored a number of peer-reviewed publications.

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