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Michael Sutcliffe

Prof Michael Sutcliffe

University of Cambridge



Michael Sutcliffe

Professor Michael Sutcliffe is Head of the Biomechanics Group and Leader of Departmental Bioengineering Research in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge. Professor Sutcliffe has worked on the micromechanics of composites, including draping of textiles, compressive strength and fibre waviness defects, as part of the Micromechanics research group; his previous research has been used to develop a PC software design tool, Composite Compressive Strength Modeller (CCSM), for deformation analysis and failure prediction of composite materials. His past research has been funded by DTSL and EPSRC, and he has worked in collaboration with industrial partners including Dassault Systemes, Hexcel and Jaguar Land Rover, and with both UK and international academic institutions. He recently the Feasibility Study 'Can a Composite Forming Limit Diagram be Constructed?'.

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