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EPSRC CIMComp Draw Back the Veil on Next-Generation Composite Manufacturing Processes at Composites Engineering 2013

CIMComp Archive Press Release

Published: 11th November 2013

Attendees to this year’s Composites Engineering show will get the opportunity to learn about next-generation composites manufacturing processes courtesy of a 90-minute open technical session hosted by the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Composites (CIMComp) on Wednesday 13th November.

The back-to-back expert presentations will present some of CIMComp’s on-going work towards the development of next-generation composite manufacturing processes with lower costs, shorter cycle times, improved efficiency and higher sustainability.

The presentations will represent a valuable opportunity to hear from the organisation that was formed with funding from the EPSRC to underpin the research needed to support the UK Composites Strategy. The four main research partners, the universities of Nottingham, Cranfield, Manchester and Bristol, are collaborating on multi-institutional projects under the CIMComp hub, drawing on the significant strengths at each institution to extract the maximum value from the research activities. This research forms part of the £322 million investment from the EPSRC Manufacturing the Future initiative and is driven by academic and industrial collaboration within the UK. CIMComp currently runs 20 research projects focused on fundamental composites manufacturing challenges, which includes major core programmes, industrial doctorate programmes, fellowships and feasibility studies. This research is spread across nine UK academic institutions, employs over 35 researchers and is engaged with over 25 prominent UK composites manufacturing companies.

Each presentation will lead their audiences into a key part of the composites offer in UK advanced engineering. Andrew Long of the Polymer Composites Research Group, University of Nottingham will talk about ‘Multi-scale modelling to predict defect formation during resin transfer moulding’; Andrew Mills from Cranfield University will be covering ‘Structural joints using novel embedded inserts’; on ‘Advanced Manufacturing of multi-functional Composites through novel fibre placement’, University of Manchester’s Prasad Potluri will be sharing his expertise while Kevin Potter, University of Bristol will cover ‘Tactile and discrete manufacturing aids for composites layup – progress towards better understanding of the layup process’, David Ayre from Cranfield University will talk on ‘Manufacturing with composites – a decision support tool’ and Anna Chatzimichali from University of Bristol will take the audience into ‘Design and manufacturing platform’.

These key topic forums will be ‘must attend’ events for anyone whose manufacturing business either does or is considering using composites in current or future production programmes. CIMComp will also present its range of expertise and projects at their stand E205 at Composites Engineering 2013.

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