Acceleration of Monomer Transfer Moulding using microwaves

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Acceleration of Monomer Transfer Moulding using microwaves

Host Institution: The University of Nottingham

Lead Investigator: Derek Irvine

Co-Investigators: Andrew Parsons, Chris Dodds

Executive Summary

The project investigated the feasibility of using microwave heating to accelerate in-situ polymerisation sufficiently that monomer solutions could be used directly to make composite articles.  The project successfully achieved the objective of establishing benefits of using microwave heating for (a) glass fibre pre-preparation and (b) the resultant quality of matrix polymers produced when in contact with glass fibre.  It also met the objective of defining benefits that are related to the preparation of composites from a monomer pre-solution rather than a polymer resin precursor system.  The project partially achieved the objective of producing small scale flat panel via microwave polymerisation (Instrumented domestic microwave)  The project was successful in delivering a mould designed and built to account for requirements/restrictions of both Monomer Transfer Moulding (MTM) and Microwave Heating/Processing, taking into consideration any manufacturing limitations due to materials choice.   In addition, it successfully delivered manufacturing parameters determined for successful small-scale component.The project was considered to have achieved a Limited success overall.

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