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Stephen Pickering

Prof Stephen Pickering

The University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham


Stephen Pickering

Professor Stephen Pickering is Head of Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering and Hives Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nottingham, with an interest in solving complex industrial problems in the thermofluids area through experimental and modelling research. His research interests cover thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics including two phase flow, combustion, and heat transfer, where he combines experimental work with modelling, including the use of computational fluid dynamics.

Current research projects involve collaboration and support from industry and include: the development of processes for the recycling of carbon fibre composite materials, including the development of applications for use of recycled carbon fibre; thermal management of advanced electrical actuation systems and power electronics systems in the aerospace and power industries; development of improvements to oil and air management in the transmissions of aero-engines; thermofluids composites fluidised bed thermal processes for the recycling of glass and carbon fibres from polymer composite materials (experimental); cooling of rotating electrical machines; industrial applications of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) including coal combustion, cement manufacture, particle filtration and swirling flows; application of exergy analysis for optimisation of mine climate control systems; and measurement and control of pulverised fuel flows in power station pipework.

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