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Stephen Hallett

Prof Stephen Hallett

The University of Bristol

University of Bristol


Stephen Hallett

Professor Stephen Hallett is Professor in Composite Structures at the University of Bristol.  Stephen obtained a BSc in mechanical engineering from the University of Cape Town in 1993. After this he was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to complete his D.Phil at the University of Oxford where he studied impact damage in composite materials. Before joining the University of Bristol as a research associate in 2000 he worked at Ove Arup and Partners.

He has an international reputation for his work on the development of novel modelling techniques for the behaviour of composite materials, based on a sound understanding of the material physics. He is Director of the Rolls-Royce supported Composites University Technology Centre (UTC) at the University of Bristol and is a Fellow of the IMechE. He has published over 120 papers in international peer reviewed journals and more than 200 conference papers, with an H-index of 36.  Stephen has recently been awarded a Hub Feasibility Study on "Virtual un-manufacturing of fibre-steered preforms for complex geometry composites".

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