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Konstantinos Tifkitsis

Mr Konstantinos Tifkitsis

Cranfield University


Konstantinos Tifkitsis

Konstantinos is a PhD student in Enhanced Composites & Structures Centre. He is involved in research on stochastic simulation of composites manufacturing process, inversion procedures for process-induced defects prediction, material properties, and process parameters uncertainty quantification and has been involved in the ‘Layer by Layer curing’ project as a specialist on cure simulation.

Konstantinos Tifkitsis graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) with a Dipl Ing in Mechanical Engineering, specialised in mechanical design, machine elements and Finite element analysis. During his undergraduate studies, he worked as an intern in several research and industrial positions in U.S. and in Europe. After his graduation, he worked as a research assistant in AUTh and as a development engineer in industry.

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