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Jonathan Belnoue

Dr Jonathan Belnoue

The University of Bristol



Jonathan Belnoue

Jonathan Belnoue’s work focuses on the development of multi-physics and multi-scale material constitutive models that aid understanding how the manufacturing processes influence the mechanical performances of a final part (with a strong focus on composites).

Jonathan obtained his DPhil from Oxford University in early 2011 and joined the Bristol Composites Institute (ACCIS) as a Research Associate and progressed to a Senior Research Associate.  Jonathan successively worked on the Innovate UK-funded project BMAX and the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Composites (CIMComp) Core Project 'Defect Generation Mechanisms in Thick and Variable Thickness Composite Parts – Understanding, Predicting and Mitigation (DefGen)’. Jonathan is currently a Research Fellow and works primarily on the EPSRC platform grant SIMulation of new manufacturing PROcesses for Composite Structures (SIMPROCS). Jonathan has been awarded 2 Hub feasibility studies as Co-Investigator: “Layer-by-Layer Curing” and most recently “Virtual un-manufacturing of fibre-steered preforms for complex geometry composites”.

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