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Hasina Begum

Dr Hasina Begum

University of Warwick


Hasina Begum

Dr Hasina Begum is a Project Engineer at the University of Warwick – WMG’s Automotive Composite Research Centre (ACRC). Hasina is currently involved in research and process engineering of high-volume manufacture thermosetting carbon fibre composites in automotives and is working on the Hub Synergy project ‘Zero-waste manufacturing of highly optimised composites with hybrid architectures’.  Collaborative companies include Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin and Ford.  Hasina Begum will be starting a new role as of 1st April as a Research fellow in the sustainability of plastics and polymers.  Hasina’s previous role looked at defects in buried pipes using fibre optics and distributed acoustic sensing. Hasina completed her PhD at the University of Sheffield from the department of Mechanical Engineering where she looked at silica aerogels and their uses in vibro-acoustics for building and pipe insulation.  During her PhD, Hasina completed over 6 months of her research abroad and worked alongside international establishments in Italy and Switzerland. Through this, she has successfully published 6 journal papers, contributing to her field of research in Science and Engineering. Her research interests lie in polymers, materials science, composites, porous materials and acoustics.

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