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Daniel Mulvihill

Dr Daniel Mulvihill

University of Glasgow


Daniel Mulvihill

Dr Daniel Mulvihill is Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering within the School of Engineering at the University of Glasgow and was involved in the Hub funded Feasibility Study "Multi-Step Thermoforming of Multi-Cavity, Multi-Axial Advanced Thermoplastic Composite Parts".  Before joining Glasgow, Daniel was a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, and a Visiting Researcher at EPFL Switzerland. His research is within the areas of Materials Engineering and and Tribology (behaviour of materials under loading; conventional carbon fibre composites, nanocomposites, carbon nanotube and graphene based composites; composites forming; composites testing and characterisation; frictional interfaces in composites; bonded joints; materials testing and measurement; tribological testing; materials imaging techniques (Optical, XRAY, SEM) and analysis; digital image and volume correlation etc.).

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