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Connie Qian

Dr Connie Qian

University of Warwick

EDI Champion and Innovation Fellow


Connie Qian

Dr Connie Qian is an Assistant Professor in Polymer and Composites Engineering at WMG, the University of Warwick. Prior to joining WMG in 2018, she was a PhD candidate and later a postgraduate research fellow based in the polymer composites group  at the University of Nottingham, where she worked on a number of projects in multi-scale material modelling, structural analysis and optimisation and manufacturing process simulation.

Connie joined the Hub in 2019 as an Innovation Fellow working on the project ‘Numerical simulation of high-rate compression moulding of combined SMC and prepreg’. She is currently the PI on the Hub’s Synergy Project “Zero-waste manufacturing of highly optimised composites with hybrid architectures”, which follows the success of her Innovation Fellowship. Connie is also the Hub’s EDI Champion and runs the EDI committee.


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