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Christos Kora

Mr Christos Kora

University of Nottingham


Christos Kora

Christos received his MEng degree  in 2017 from the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautics Engineering, University of Patras, Greece. His dissertation focused on the assessment of a novel composite structural health monitoring technique using finite element modelling. Christos commenced his PhD in 2019 with the aim of taking part in the “Optimise” core project. The main theme of his project is driven by 3D composites. More specifically, by their geometric complexity at lower scales and the variability of shape and quality due to manufacturing. The previous pose a great challenge when deploying numerical models for design. Christos's work investigates the accuracy trade-off which is presented by idealised numerical models and aims in proposing ways to increase efficiency and accuracy of models used in structural optimisation of 3D textile composite materials. The test cases used consist of woven composites due to the maturity of the industrial weaving techniques and the range of configurations.

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