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Caroline O’Keeffe

Ms Caroline O’Keeffe

The University of Bristol

University of Bristol


Caroline O’Keeffe

Caroline is a PhD candidate in composite materials at the University of Bristol. After completing her MSc in Forensic Engineering and Science, she took a research position as a Firearms and Vehicles Analyst at Cranfield University. An internship at the Boston Police Department, USA presented an opportunity to begin a forensic career and on returning from Boston she worked for several years as a forensic drug practitioner at LGC Forensics Ltd, specialising in illicit drug identification and profiling.   Caroline returned to academia as a propellant chemist but her research interests now include self-sensing and multi-functional composites, incorporating hybrid braided yarns for though-thickness reinforcement. Having not come from a typical composite background, Caroline has found the opportunity to be part of the Hub invaluable: “It has provided a swift introduction to a large academic and industrial community who are really supportive and engaging”.


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