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Asimina Manta

Dr Asimina Manta

AMRC University of Sheffield


Asimina Manta

Asimina Manta is a Research Engineer in the Simulation/Analysis group within AMRC Composite Centre, she is also involved in the Hub funded Feasibility study "Microwave in line heating to address the challenges of high rate deposition".

Asimina obtained her PhD on the numerical simulation of the multiphysics response of graphene/polymer nanocomposites, from the University of Manchester, UK, and has graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics at University of Patras, Greece, with first class honours degree (diploma). Asimina is currently working on the design and optimisation of composite structures through numerical methods (finite element simulations). She is leading the simulation projects on advanced wind blade composite structures and the design optimization of fibre orientation for Automatic Fibre Placement (AFP) process.

Her research interests are expanding on every aspect of composite material simulation, including design optimization, structural analysis, thermal and electrical composite performance, microwave/laser curing, nanocomposite materials and full-field model validation.

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