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INEGI, Universidade do Porto

INEGI, Universidade do Porto

Hub International Partner Lead Academic: Dr Nuno Correia

INEGI is a Research and Technology Organization (RTO), bridging the University – Industry gap and focused on applied Research and Development, Innovation and Technology Transfer activities for the industry. It was founded in 1986, among what are now the Departments of Mechanical Engineering (DEMec) and of Industrial Engineering and Management (DEGI) of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). Being a non-profit private association, recognized as of public utility and having its own team of 200 collaborators, INEGI is an active agent in the development and consolidation of a competitive model based on knowledge, on high product and process technological content and on technological innovation.

Competencies: INEGI has a prestigious tradition in composite materials and structures, and is active in research, innovation, development and technology transfer in a broad range of markets and sectors. Work developed in this field, such as the PLUMA gas bottle projects and the collaborations with ESA and NASA, among others, demonstrate the Institute’s know-how in this subject. INEGI presents solutions for developing applications in which low weight factor plays a decisive role. The Institute works with composite laminate materials, polymer concretes and glass and carbon fibres. It also develops products and advanced structural solutions, and implements new technologies for producing materials.

INEGI has a complete set of resources to support activity, in particular: accredited laboratories to carry out experimental work (INEGI has several laboratories for materials testing, including smoke and fire, thermomechanics, ageing, deformability, hardness, and fatigue); workshops for development of components and pre-series; and a comprehensive set of tools to support engineering activity such as CAD 3D (Computer Aided Design), CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), structural simulation tools, IDEAS, COSMOS and ABAQUS, casting processes, simulation, polymer injection, CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) and state of the art tools to work in wind energy, flow simulation of atmospheric and geographic information systems.

INEGI has 91 industrial associates, 19 national and international cooperation networks and partnerships, and links with 30 national universities and technology centres. Working with industrial associates, the mission of INEGI is to contribute to the increase of the competitiveness of the enterprises, through research and development, technology transfer and training, in the fields of engineering design, materials, production technology, energy and environment and industrial management. Action is focused on providing added-value services to companies and other organizations, from applied research, to technology transfer, and innovation projects (research and development, prototypes, pre-series, manufacturing processes, etc.). A major part of the scientific activity is co-funded by Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology or by the European Commission. Outside the European Union, INEGI is engaged in research activity within the framework of the Iberian-American Programme for promoting cooperation in research and development, and in the scope of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) Research and Development Programmes.

By leading and participating in national and international research projects INEGI seeks to maintain the leading edge in science and technology and thus ensure INEGI’s ability to provide advanced services to customers and partners. By promoting the involvement of enterprises in these research and development networks INEGI gives them the opportunity to work out their technological challenges as well as gain access to valuable national and international research networks.

Along with the research activities co-funded by national and international entities INEGI also holds contracts for research projects for enterprises under bilateral and multilateral contracts. An increasing proportion of INEGI research activity is being funded by large European Institutions – European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Defence Agency (EDA) – as well as by large aircraft industries – Airbus and Boeing.

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INEGI, Universidade do Porto

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