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The University of Auckland

The University of Auckland

Hub International Partner Lead Academic: Professor Simon Bickerton

The Centre for Advanced Composite Materials (CACM) in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Auckland, brings together expertise from the engineering, science and medical faculties to undertake fundamental, applied and industrially-focused research on synthetic and bio-based composite materials, manufacturing processes, design, analysis and experimental characterisation. The centre has established itself nationally and internationally through research in the areas of design, manufacture, characterisation and modelling of composite materials for various applications.

The centre has more than 50 staff and postgraduate students, and a comprehensive range of testing and analysis capabilities. CACM collaborates with other New Zealand and international researchers, and works directly with many New Zealand and international companies.

Including the synergistic research area in the Plastics Centre of Excellence, CACM covers approximately 3,500m² and includes a large, open plan laboratory area with a range of specialised equipment and a mechanical testing laboratory.

Research at CACM is grouped into three main areas: Novel materials (including micro- and nano-fibrillar composites,high performance biocomposites and graphene composites); Composite performance (Analysis and experimental characterization of performance, including failure prediction, dynamic loading effects, product design and applications, fire performance); and Advanced Manufacturing (Research into processes such as liquid composite moulding, prepreg consolidation, formability and roll-forming, biocomposite manufacture, machinability and rotomoulding).

To find out more about research, capabilities, and teaching at CACM, visit their website.

The University of Auckland

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