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Current EngD Projects

The following projects are currently being undertaken by IDC Research Engineers:


Aviation Enterprises Ltd

  • The future of composites for marine applications (University of Bristol)


  • Advanced CFRP simulation for the development of fabric architectures and process improvement (University of Nottingham)
  • Composites optimised for rapid production of aerospace components (Cranfield University)

Jaguar Land Rover 

  • Design of preforms for resin infusion technologies (University of Nottingham)

Jo Bird

  • Developing process control in contact moulding and infusion processing for low cost high volume manufacture of critical safety products (University of Bristol)

M. Wright & Sons

  • Optimisation of 3D woven textiles in relation to binder architecture during the compaction process (University of Manchester)

National Composites Centre 

  • AFP technology material/deposition optimisation (University of Bristol)
  • Automated preforming technologies optimisation and integration (University of Bristol)
  • Exploring the possibilities and pushing the boundaries of TTR (University of Bristol)
  • Investigation of new “pressure testbed” system and application to composites testing and manufacture (University of Bristol)
  • Thermoplastic Press Forming (University of Bristol)
  • High Pressure Resin Transfer Moulding process optimisation (University of Nottingham)
  • Preforming affordable composite components for the automotive sector (University of Bristol)

National Oilwell Varco – Elmar

  • Composite to metal joining methodologies for high tensile load applications (University of Bristol)

National Physical Laboratory 

  • Development and delivery of cure and material state monitoring within liquid moulding processes for fibre reinforced composites (University of Bristol)


  • Processes of advanced composite materials by microwave radiation (University of Nottingham)


  • An investigation into aerofoil thickness and weight control using Automated Fibre Placement (AFP) of pre-impregnated epoxy based carbon slit tows (University of Bristol)
  • Pursuit of a repeatedly defect free, in tolerance as-moulded component through development of data-driven, adaptive, capable preforming and moulding processes irrespective of process variation (University of Bristol)
  • Virtual manufacturing: validation of laminate deformation processes in automated composite material deposition and moulding (University of Bristol)
  • Development of local through thickness reinforcement material and reinforcement architectures to achieve effective delamination management and tailored mechanical performance (University of Bristol)
  • Improvements and innovations in Automated Fibre Placement (University of Bristol)
  • Repair- Fan Case (University of Bristol)
  • The impact of scaling component size and production rate on composite manufacturing process, technical capability and cost (University of Bristol)
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