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Current Projects

Take a look at the list below to see what exciting projects our students are currently working on.

  • Data-driven Manufacturing in the Automated Lay-up of Composites
  • Non Destructive Testing to support the certification and qualification of novel composite materials.
  • Forming and Infusion of Next-Generation Composite Aerostructures
  • Development of novel overbraiding techniques and insight
  • Matrix Formulation optimisation and processing parameters for high-temperature resins suitable for filament winding and resin transfer moulding
  • Development of forming simulation capabilities for use in large-scale next-generation composite aerospace structures
  • Structural Testing Methods for Next Generation Wind Turbine Blades
  • Development of liner-less lightweight composite pressure vessels
  • Effective Use of Recycled Composites
  • Advanced Thermoplastic Composites Manufacturing – Understanding Defects and Failure
  • Manufacturing complex, large-scale composite components through “Modular Infusion”
  • Digitalisation of composite manufacturing
  • CRaToS 3D (Carbon Rapid Tape Shear 3D)
  • Fast simulation tools for predicting consolidation-induced defects in large-scale aerospace components
  • Manufacturing Advanced Structural Composites from Sustainable Prepreg Material.
  • Smart composite pressure systems
  • Reducing waste and cost in large scale infusions through adaptive process control.
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