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Hub STEM outreach event “88 Pianists” breaks world record

Published: 21st August 2019

Congratulations to the Research Engineer, Preetum Mistry, University of Nottingham who has been involved in the success of the STEM outreach initiative.

The initiative was led by Professor Julian Allwood at the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering, in collaboration with engineering academics from universities across the UK.  The project aimed to break the current world record of the number of pianists that can play the piano collectively.

Through a combination of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Engineers have worked with the ideas from young children in local schools and communities to design and incorporate creative mechanical fingers, to allow 88 pianists to play the piano at once, and indeed it was a huge success!

To watch a live performance of  “88 Pianists” playing one piano, a specially composed piece that was released at a concert in Birmingham on Monday 19th August 2019, click here


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