Feasibility Studies 1

CIMComp awarded funding for 9 Feasibility Studies in 2013, this exercise allowed CIMComp to act as a National Centre and engage with prominent researchers in UK academia in the field of composites manufacturing research.

Please see links below for a summary of each of the completed Feasibility Studies:

Cure Kinetics Modelling for Fast Curing of Tough Thermoset Polymer Composites
Principal Investigator:  Dr Ambrose C Taylor

Dimensionally Stable Textile Preforms for use in Liquid Resin Infusion Manufacture
Principal Investigator: Dr Dmitry Ivanov

Intelligent Composite Lay-up by the Application of Discrete Technologies
Principal Investigator: Prof Ashutosh Tiwari

Investigating the use of Recycled Carbon Fibre Co-mingled with Polymer Fibres in Non-woven mats
Principal Investigator: Dr Tom A Turner

Low-cost Manufacture of High-quality Steered-fibre Laminates
Principal Investigator: Dr Philip Harrison

Modelling Forming of Multi-ply Preform
Principal Investigator: Dr Lee T Harper

Multifunctional Hierarchical Composite Structures
Principal Investigator: Prof Brian G Falzon

Step Change in Performance of Complex Carbon Fibre Weave Geometries using Cellulose Fibre Precursors
Principal Investigator: Prof Stephen Eichhorn

String Manufacturing: Monitoring of Automated Composites Manufacturing In-Situ
Principal Investigator: Prof Keith Worden