Feasibility Studies 2

CIMComp awarded 5 new feasibility studies in April 2015 with a duration of 6 months.

Please see links below for a summary of each of the Feasibility Studies:

Manufacturing Advances for Smart Through-Thickness Reinforced Composites
Principal Investigator: Prof Stephen Hallett
Co-Investigator: Prof. Ivana Partridge

Design Rules Challenge to Deliver a Step Change in Composites Manufacture
Principal Investigator: Prof Kevin Potter
Co-Investigator:  Dr Carwyn Ward

Efficient Composite Curing by Intelligent Microwave Processing
Principal Investigator:  Dr J. Lees
Co-Investigator: Prof. S. Evans, Prof. A. Porch, Dr M. Eaton

Discovery of Optimum Textile Composites
Principal Investigator: Prof A Long
Co-Investigator: Dr X Zeng, Prof I Ashcroft

Investigate the Potential for the Recycling of Carbon Fibre Composites by Solvolysis at Atmospheric Pressure
Principal Investigator: Prof S Pickering
Co-investigator: Prof P Licence