Core Projects

Core Projects listed below in alphabetical order:

Compression Moulding of Multi-Architecture Composites (CMMC)
Principal Investigator: Prof N Warrior, The University of Nottingham

Complex Geometries – Novel approaches to Manufacture of Complex Geometries
Principal Investigator: Prof K Potter, The University of Bristol

Defect Generation Mechanisms in Thick & Variable Thickness Composite Parts – Understanding, Predicting & Mitigation (DefGen)
Principal Investigator: Prof S Hallett, The University of Bristol

Innovated Multi-material and Multi-architecture Preforms
Principal Investigator: Prof P Potluri, The University of Manchester

Multi-scale Modelling to Predict Defect Formation During Resin Infusion
Principal Investigator: Prof A C Long, The University of Nottingham

Structural Joints using Novel Embedded Inserts
Principal Investigator: Mr A Mills, Cranfield University