UK Academic Resources

UK Academic Capability

CIMComp has completed an extensive capability mapping exercise of 20 academic institutions active in the field of composites manufacturing research, as of January 2015. This review exercise provides a comprehensive overview of the UK composites manufacturing research activity, expertise and equipment for the academic sector. The Table 1 below provides quick reference to each institution, whilst Table 2 details the areas of research activity for each institution.

UK Equipment List

An equipment register for the 20 academic institutions has been collated using Kit-Catalogue and can be accessed via the following link: https.//

A login and password ID is required to access the site and this can be requested by contacting


Table 1. Quick reference capability map for UK academic institutions active in composites manufacturing research. (Dr Peter Schubel, CIMComp, 2015)


Table 2. List of areas of research activity for each of the UK institutions active in composites research. (Dr Peter Schubel, CIMComp, 2015)