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Travel and Subsistence Award 
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CIMComp is committed to engaging with the UK polymer composites manufacturing resarch community through its outreach activities. In March 2012, the EPSRC awarded CIMComp additional funding resources to act as a ‘National EPSRC Centre’. These funds were awarded to enable the development of a national strategy and assign resources to deliver that strategy. As a result, CIMComp has a range of Outreach activities that enable it to engage and support the wider polymer composites community.

Travel and Subsistence Award:

This award is open to all UK academics and researchers based at a registered institution conducting research in the field of polymer composites manufacturing. The award is intended to support travel, registration and subsistence costs to attend pertinent conferences and exhibitions that were not originally budgeted for. The award is limited to £500 for EU based activities and £1000 for overseas based activities.

Conditions: The award is restricted to a maximum of one student form each institution for a specific conference. Any individual receiving an award cannot bid for another CIMComp travel award. Applicants are required to be giving an oral presentation on composites manufacture, that the conference should be of an appropriate standing, and that their presentation includes prominent acknowledgement of the CIMComp funding.

This award can be applied for by completing this form.

Equipment Access Funds:

In order to make best use of existing research equipment in the UK, the EPSRC is encouraging all institutions to share facilities, which will also hopefully open up new collaborations. In the first stage of this process, CIMComp completed an extensive capability mapping exercise of UK academic institutions active in polymer composites manufacturing research. As part of this, an equipment register was compiled for 17 key institutions in the UK. In order to help facilitate the use of this equipment, CIMComp is able to offer support funds to enable use of equipment that was not originally budgeted for in research projects. This award can be applied for by completing this form.

Feasibility Studies:

In order to grow the UK national research effort in composites manufacturing, CIMComp has allocated finance to the development of feasibility studies. 40% of CIMComp activities are focused on outreach, dissemination and crucially, the bringing of new ideas by growth of the network facilitated by feasibility studies of up to six months in duration, hosted by any UK academic institution. These studies must relate to the CIMComp vision but can span the full breadth of our remit. The intention is that CIMComp involvement will help to bring these studies forward to a point where new funding opportunities involving CIMComp are created. In this way these studies grow the capabilities of CIMComp and its network of users. The first feasibility call ran in January 2013 and the 2nd call for feasibility study proposals ran in January 2015. Information about feasibility studies can be found here

Knowledge Transfer:

Fundamental to the delivery of knowledge transfer and outreach activities is mobility of people. CIMComp will support a number of knowledge transfer secondments, enabling platform research staff to engage directly with institutions and companies outside the CIMComp core team, as identified by the capability and technology roadmapping activities. This allows the CIMComp Platform Fellows to extend their remit to the broader UK/industry community within their respective areas of expertise via various methods such as showcase seminars, secondments (for up to two weeks at a time), training days and knowledge transfer visits.


CIMComp will engage internationally leading institutions in composites research to understand the international landscape and establish potential partnerships. In particular we will conduct a series of knowledge prospecting missions to gather information on international research activity. This information will be disseminated to the broader UK community through short reports/blogs posted on the CIMComp website via keynote presentations. In May 2014, CIMComp visited Brazil on its first knowledge prospecting mission. Please click here to view the presentation delivered at the UK Composites Engineering Show in Birmingham on the 12th November 2014.

Road mapping:

CIMComp will form a strategic partnership with the NCC and Composites UK to deliver a UK composites research strategy through technology roadmapping to inform both our own funding allocation and future national and international funding calls (e.g. TSB, EPSRC, EU), in addition to policies of government and professional societies. CIMComp is well placed to establish the needs of the UK composites community benchmarked against the international state-of-art and engage where necessary to obtain detailed foresight into the specific requirements of both industry and academia over a projected period of time. The approach will benefit from the support of internationally leading experts who would be commissioned to advise in their specific area of expertise. We will comission a report which includes:

  1. benchmarking the current UK position against Europe, North America and Rest of World
  2. roadmap for the future direction of UK composites manufacturing in the next 5-10 years

This strategy provides UK funding bodies with a guide to best further the state-of-art and influence policy, considering the entirety of the UK academic and industrial landscape of research and skills.

Conference Support:

CIMComp will identify key established UK conferences for composites manufacturing research and will financially support the conferences to ensure that a high standard is being delivered.